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Silvercity 750 Desert Race

Published 19th October, 2016 in Sporting Events
  • Location

    Broken Hill Racecourse Road, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880, Australia

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    No upcoming dates

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The Silvercity 750 Desert Race is a two day, cross country, navigational desert race to be held in Broken Hill in October 2016. The rally event is open to all motorbikes, motor vehicles, side-by-side utility task vehicles (UTVs), buggies, and quads. The event has been revamped and will be more exciting than ever before! Oz Rally Headquarters will be held at the Palace hotel and main road closure will host celebrations and entertainment. With a ceremonial start and finish and live coverage and streamed footage to be fed back to the crowd, this is one event you won't want to miss!

Published 19th October, 2016 in Sporting Events