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Stars for your Valentine

Published 29th November, 2018 in Community Event
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    Loch Avenue, Centennial Park, NSW, 2021, Australia

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    No upcoming dates

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A night under the stars with your valentine? Join them for a beautiful sunset picnic and some professional stargazing on Valentine’s Day. Watch the sun set over the city and experience the amazing bats that leave Centennial Park each night. Their astronomer Dr Luke Barnes from Western Sydney University will show you how easy stargazing can be and explain what you can see in the Valentine’s sky. You can then choose from a selection of telescopes and watch the stars with your loved one. Their lawns are prepared for your picnic rugs and hampers. Pack your own with your date’s favourite wine and food or book one through their partners from Pop-up Picnic. Alternatively, choose from their selection of food carts.

Published 29th November, 2018 in Community Event

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