StarViking: The Divine Experience

Published 17th November, 2017 in Concert or Performance
  • Location

    135 Faunce Street, Gosford, NSW, 2250, Australia

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Join them for a magical StarViking evening of light, sound and music. Hear stories, comedy, poetry and songs by local Performer and Comedian Sandy Bigara and friends. She is supported by Elijah Stevenson the Celestial Poet, and singer Sam Tracy as the Maddonai, they work extensively with MMAD – Musicians Making a Difference on the Central Coast. Dress creatively, the wearing of crowns, lights and all things that glitter is highly recommended! The Divine album is the second album of the “Deity, Divine, Nature” Trilogy. The show will be filled with driving beats, and soaring melody - focusing on a dreamlike make-believe narrative of the journey of the StarVikings. There is a strong focus on affirmation, love, strength, positive encouragement and storytelling, and using musical elements from all over the world; Sandy Bigara in the guise of her alter ego the StarViking, weaves a magical fantasy journey through cinematic soundscapes, soaring orchestral detours, choral harmonies and rhythmic meters. With a professional singing career of over 30 years behind her, including national and international tours and performances, trained Operatic, Aria Antiche and Jazz singing weaves effortlessly with powerful pop diva vocals, to deliver a hypnotic and unusual listening experience.

Published 17th November, 2017 in Concert or Performance