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The Dinner Club with Soon Lee Low Springvale

Published 14th April, 2019 in Food and Wine
  • Location

    29 Kunzea Place, Springvale, NSW, 2650, Australia

  • Date

    24th May 2019

  • Time

    All Day

The Dinner Club is the occasion for regional chefs to shine, be inspired and get their creative juices flowing. It is the chef’s night to create a fabulous meal of whatever inspires them. There are no boundaries, recipes are created and trialled and re worked. The idea behind this evening is to keep hard working chefs inspired and having fun in an industry that is renowned for burnout and killing creativity. They don’t like to term any of their dinners fine dining, they just like to say they serve really good food in a unique venue with a communal shared table feel - this is the Food I Am experience! (If you are looking for a quiet romantic dinner for two this is definitely not the night for you). The Dinner Club is different to other food events whereby we mostly do shared platter meals at the Dinner Club they always serve a four course plated dinner. Beverages available for purchase on the evening.

Published 14th April, 2019 in Food and Wine

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