The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui by Bertolt Brecht. Translated by Tom Wright

Published 7th December, 2017 in Concert or Performance
  • Location

    22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, NSW, 2000, Australia

  • Date

    21st March 2018 to 28th April 2018

  • Time

    All Day

Hugo Weaving returns to Sydney Theatre Company in this powerhouse role. Arturo Ui is a small-time gangster with a lust for power. In a city shaken by economic crisis and undermined by corruption, Ui keeps rising and rising until he reaches the very top. When he gets there, he won’t be breaking the law, he’ll be making it. Written in 1941 as a cautionary satire on the rise of Hitler, Bertolt Brecht’s play is both thrillingly sharp and riotously funny. Set in 1930s Chicago, it has the wit, murder and musicality of a gangster movie while asking a very political question – how do you let a man like that come to power?

Published 7th December, 2017 in Concert or Performance