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Thrills and Chills Day Retreat

Published 15th January, 2019 in Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks
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    323 Hogans Road, Upper Duroby, NSW, 2486, Australia

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    No upcoming dates

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The perfect blend of fun and relaxation on a refreshing Summer’s day! This full day retreat ebbs and flows through yoga asanas and guided meditations, to hill waterslides and creek adventures, back to sacred kirtan music concerts, spiritual wisdom talks and insights. They even have you covered with a delicious vegetarian/vegan alfresco buffet lunch and dinner (and cooking masterclass to show you how easy it is) and a divine massage workshop. All set at an artistically woven beautiful retreat centre that equals anything you’d experience in Bali or Thailand. Come along and meet new friends or come as a group and share the experience—you’ll feel like part of the crew by the end of the night and won’t want to leave. Here’s their epic little schedule for the day! But there’s always a few surprises too. Please note: retreat day will be run on Queensland time. 9.30am Welcome and Orientation 10am Yoga Asana Flow Class 11am Guided Meditation and Relaxation 11.45am Wholefoods Vego/Vegan Cooking Masterclass 12.30pm Vego/Vegan Alfresco Buffet Lunch 1.30pm Retreat Tour, Creek Adventure and Hill Waterslide 4pm Massage Workshop 5.30pm Vego/Vegan Dinner 6pm Sacred Kirtan Meditation Music Concert

Published 15th January, 2019 in Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks

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