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Vicki Varvaressos, Painting in the Same Language - A Different Vocabulary

Published 29th November, 2018 in Exhibition and Shows
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    12 Berry Street, Nowra, NSW, 2541, Australia

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    No upcoming dates

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Vicki Varvaressos’ works emphasise her inner feelings and emotions over objective depictions. Her dramatic figures contrast with a limited palette applied in broad, loaded brush strokes. After 20 years as a renowned figurative artist, her style eased its way into abstraction and since then Vicki continues to work in both styles, with some paintings seemingly transitioning in-between. For the Sydney-based painter, abstraction is just a different painting vocabulary. “It’s the same language”. Featuring paintings from 1977 to 2017, this survey exhibition, curated by Max Dingle, investigates Varvaressos’ development over time and the slippage between the two styles.

Published 29th November, 2018 in Exhibition and Shows

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