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WaterMarks: Paul Harmon

Published 31st January, 2019 in Exhibition and Shows
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    1 Powerhouse Road, Casula, NSW, 2170, Australia

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    No upcoming dates

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In WaterMarks, artist Paul Harmon uses up to 150 individual drone captures which he stitches together to create each of the 10 large scale images in the series. Shot along the drought-affected and controversially managed Murray-Darling basin of NSW, WaterMarks examines the tensions that exist between the aesthetic visible from the air and the ugly reality on the ground … where an extraordinary beauty hides ugly truths of stolen lands, stolen water, inappropriate land use and environmental degradation. Made with the support of the First Nations over whose country he shot, WaterMarks documents a severe and majestic beauty created by water and the results of man’s often disastrous attempts to utilize it. “I hope the hard truths that underlie these works add something to the current debates about the preciousness of water, the cultural significance of country and the declining health of Australia’s Murray-Darling river systems and landscapes.” Made with the support of the Barkandji, Ngemba, Euahlayi and Wayilwan Nations.

Published 31st January, 2019 in Exhibition and Shows

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