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NSW Caretaker Period has commenced

The caretaker period for the NSW Election commenced on 1 March 2019.

Accordingly, no ministerial press releases or related information issued by the Government from 1 March 2019 will be available on this website.

For copies of recently-issued ministerial press releases or information on the election policies of any political party, please go to the website of the relevant political party.

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Whale breaching

Whale Watching Season

Published 30th May, 2016 in Community Event, Festivals and Celebrations
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    NSW Coast, Australia

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This year's whale watching season has begun as thousands of whales begin their journey north from Antarctica.

Whale watchers can expect a bumper number of sightings during the 2016 NSW whale season.

A big year of calving in 2015 means the number of humpbacks, southern right whales and minke whales along the NSW coastline is likely to increase – and so will the likelihood of spotting them.

Whales usually stop to feed their calves in inlets and a Humpback calf needs a staggering 600 litres of milk each day.

Whale watchers who venture into the water are reminded to keep a safe, respectful distance and be vigilant to avoid collision.

All vessels including kayaks, surf skis and surfboards must remain at least 100 metres from a whale and 300 metres if there is a calf present. Read more about whale watching rules.

Visit the Wild About Whales website to find out the best whale watching spots.

Download the Wild About Whales app to help us spot the whales, track their progress and share your coastal adventure with our social gallery.

Published 30th May, 2016 in Community Event, Festivals and Celebrations

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