Wine tasting: Alternate styles and varietals

Published 13th September, 2017 in Food and Wine
  • Location

    131 McIntosh Circuit, Murrumbateman, NSW, 2582, Australia

  • Date

    22nd October 2017

  • Time

    All Day

Are you interested in wine and keen to try something a little left field? Join owner and winemaker Bobbie Makin for a guided tasting of his alternate styles and varietals. Each wine will be paired with a delicious morsel to enhance your tasting experience. Wines: Mollie's Block Fumé Blanc 2017. This award winning alternate style was crafted through the light oaking of estate grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Tannin's Wild Pinot Gris 2017. Four days on skins and 100% wild fermented, this is a delicious, quirky and colourful alternate expression of Pinot Gris. Sangiovese 2016. An increasingly popular alternate variety in Australia, their award winning wine is a light body expression of Italian Sangiovese. Tempranillo 2016. A Spanish varietal making strides in the Australian market. The 2016 Tempranillo is delicious (it's Jen's favourite), displaying plum fruit characteristics and a medium body. Malbec 2016. Originally from France and now claimed as the national wine of Argentina, Malbec is an emerging varietal in Australia. With limited local grape supplies they have crafted just 700 bottles of this delicious wine.

Published 13th September, 2017 in Food and Wine