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Wollongong Film Festival

Published 30th November, 2018 in Festivals and Celebrations
  • Location

    Crown Street Eastern Terrance, Win Entertainment Centre, Wollongong, NSW, 2500, Australia

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    No upcoming dates

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Wollongong Film Festival will be showcasing 10 short films, they will be showing Australian and International films. The Wollongong Film Festival was created to support the One Girl organisation. Wollongong Film Festival thought how can they raise awareness on the importance of Girl's Education and combine their love of film making and that's how Wollongong Film Festival was born. Wollongong Film Festival is about celebrating women in film both on and off screen while supporting One Girl. The longer a girl is educated, the greater the benefits, for every year a girl stays in school, her income will increase by at least 10-20 percent. Important notice due to classification requirements all patrons must be 15 years and over, no refunds for the incorrect purchase but refunds are available up to seven days prior to the event.

Published 30th November, 2018 in Festivals and Celebrations

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