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Body-worn cameras for NSW correctional officers

Published 27th February, 2020 in Police & Justice

Roll-out of the cutting-edge technology will improve officer safety and operational transparency in correctional centres. 

Image of an empty cell in a Correctional Centre

The cameras gather evidence and also support NSW officers should any incidents take place at correctional centres.

The technology de-escalates critical incidents by responding to situations quickly and resolving investigations.

The devices are placed to the front of an officer’s uniform and operate in stand-by. Once activated, the camera retains the previous 30 seconds of video prior to activation and continues recording.

Several maximum-security centres have rolled out the technology to officers in the last nine months.

Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin said the body-worn cameras provide greater protection and assurance to staff.

“Offenders will be on notice. If they try to assault, intimidate or threaten harm to an officer with a body-worn camera, it will be recorded,” Mr Severin said.

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Published 27th February, 2020 in Police & Justice
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