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Enhancing marine management

Published 2nd March, 2016 in Environment, Environment

The NSW Government wants your feedback on initiatives that aim to enhance marine biodiversity conservation along the coast and in estuaries between Newcastle and Wollongong.

Burwood beach in Newcastle, Burwood beach is a beach located in Newcastle, Australia and surrounded by state reserve.
The government aims to boost biodiversity along coasts and in estuaries from Newcastle to Wollongong.

The eight initiatives also aim to achieve balanced outcomes for other uses of the bioregion such as boating, fishing, shipping, diving, swimming, education and research.

The initiatives focus on:

  • improving water quality and reducing marine litter
  • on-ground works for healthy coastal habitats and wildlife
  • spatial management for biodiversity conservation and use sharing
  • marine research to address shipping and fishing knowledge gaps
  • improving boating infrastructure
  • reducing use conflicts in Pittwater
  • improving accessibility
  • land use planning for coasts and waterways.

Your feedback will help further evaluate the management responses and final recommendations to the NSW Government later this year

Have your say on the initiatives

Submissions close on 24 April 2016. 

Published 2nd March, 2016 in Environment, Environment
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