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Entries open for new Emergency Services award program

Published 22nd June, 2015 in Awards, Emergency Services, Family & Community Services

The NSW ‘Get Ready’ Community Award has been launched by the NSW Government to recognise a local community that has taken action and worked together to strengthen their resilience to natural disasters.

nsw rural fire service helps at a fire in wallan victoria february 2014
NSW Rural Fire Service - Flickr: Feb 2014 Wallan Vic Sean McArdle

Disasters such as bush fires, floods and storms can cause devastating losses to communities. Every year, NSW communities work together and self-organise at a local grass-roots level to prepare for, respond to and recover from these natural disasters. The NSW ‘Get Ready’ Community Award will celebrate these achievements.

The Awards

There are many valuable initiatives in our state that go unrecognised but make a big difference to local communities and this award will showcase one such initiative.

Entries are asked to show that a recent project or initiative:

  • is community-initiated and undertaken by a local community;
  • involves collaboration across local community organisations, groups and community members; and
  • has strengthened the disaster resilience of the local community.

The winning community will receive a trophy from the NSW Government and their achievements will feature on NSW Government websites.

Key dates

  • 15 June 2015: applications open.
  • 9 August 2015: applications close.
  • The winning entry will be notified in September 2015.  

Who can apply?

Entries for the NSW ‘Get Ready’ Community Award can be submitted by local community and volunteer groups and organisations and local councils. Entries must show strong collaboration and partnerships across the community and involvement of community members. An application can be submitted by a group, organisation or council on behalf of the community involved.

How to apply

  • Complete the application form (*applications now closed) and email it to [email protected].
  • Include any relevant supporting information, photographs and video footage as attachments to your email.
  • Ensure your application is sent before midnight, 9 August 2015.
  • Keep the automatic confirmation email you will be sent, as proof of your application.

If you don’t have internet access please call the Award Convenor on the number below and arrange to have your application received in another format.

More information

Award Convenor: call02 9212 9242 or email [email protected].

Published 22nd June, 2015 in Awards, Emergency Services, Family & Community Services
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