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First family-focused response centre opens

Published 11th February, 2016 in Family & Community Services

NSW’s first family-focused response centre has opened at Wyong on the Central Coast to operate as a child protection intake service.

Sitting sad boy looks out at field.
The Multi-Agency Response Centre will help identify at-risk children.

NSW Family and Community Services, NSW Health, NSW Education and caseworkers from the Family Referral Service will operate the Multi-Agency Response Centre, and follow a new approach in supporting and identifying children and families at risk. The combination of resources will help identify children and families in need faster.

Calls from the Central Coast to the state-wide Child Protection Helpline will be transferred to the response centre, where local caseworkers can provide advice, support and action for vulnerable children. The centre will also help prevent duplication of services and reduce additional stress for children and their families. 

If you are concerned about a child or family, call and speak to a local caseworker to make a report or ask for assistance. 

Minister for Family and Community Services Brad Hazzard said the government would assess whether the model could be used in other regions.

Published 11th February, 2016 in Family & Community Services
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