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First shark barrier nets for NSW

Published 4th January, 2016 in Environment, Environment

NSW’s north coast will receive the state’s first shark barrier nets, which will be installed off Ballina and Lennox Head.

Lennox Head beach
The beach at Lennox Head will receive one of the first shark barrier nets.

The barrier nets are part of the NSW Government’s $16 million shark strategy, and Premier Mike Baird said construction would be fast-tracked to ensure the nets were in place as soon as possible.

Ballina’s shark barriers will run the entire length of the beach (about 650 metres) while the net at Lennox Head beach will be about 150 meters. The NSW Government has committed to installing a further four shark barriers.

While announcing the new nets during a recent visit to Ballina, NSW Premier Mike Baird and Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair also inspected two shark technology trials underway off Ballina. These were a smart drum line and one of two new listening stations.

Mr Blair said that if the smart drum lines were successful they would be deployed permanently off the North Coast.

Two of 20 VR4G listening stations are also in position off Sharpes Beach at Ballina and Clarkes Beach at Byron Bay to monitor tagged sharks.

The information received via the listening stations will be tweeted in real-time to ensure the public has information to make informed decisions before entering the water. To receive updates on tagged shark detections follow @nswsharksmart.

Published 4th January, 2016 in Environment, Environment
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