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Ministerial diaries made available to the public

Published 31st October, 2014 in Police & Justice

Ministerial diaries will be published online in a move set to promote greater transparency to Government in NSW.

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Ministerial diaries made available to the public

Premier Mike Baird said the publication of ministerial diaries marks an important step in bringing greater transparency to government.

“We made a commitment to publishing ministerial diaries in May, as part of a suite of reforms to the rules around transparency, and today we have delivered,” Mr Baird said.

He added, “I am determined to restore the public’s trust in our political process”.

The diary summaries published online cover the September quarter and will be published quarterly thereafter.

The published Ministerial summaries will include:

  • The date and purpose of meetings.
  • Organisations or individuals attending, including details of any registered lobbyists.
  • Details of meetings attended by Ministers with external persons who seek to influence government policy or decisions.

The summaries will not include:

  • Internal meetings with ministerial staff or government officials.
  • Personal, electorate or party political meetings.
  • Meetings with other Parliamentarians.
  • Attendance at public social functions or events.

Information will not be disclosed unless there is an obvious public interest reason for its disclosure.

Ministerial diary summaries can be found at:

Published 31st October, 2014 in Police & Justice
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