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NSW Caretaker Period has commenced

The caretaker period for the NSW Election commenced on 1 March 2019.

Accordingly, no ministerial press releases or related information issued by the Government from 1 March 2019 will be available on this website.

For copies of recently-issued ministerial press releases or information on the election policies of any political party, please go to the website of the relevant political party.

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NSW litter volume drops

Published 12th October, 2016 in Environment

NSW is almost halfway to meeting the Premier's Priority target to reduce litter volume by 40 per cent by 2020.

picking up litter

There has been a 19 per cent reduction in the state's litter volume from 2013-14 to 2015-16, this year's Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Index results has found.

Environment Minister Mark Speakman said the results showed campaigns, litter reduction programs and public education initiatives were helping to keep our environment clean.

“The message is getting through that we need to prevent litter from ending up in our waterways, beaches and communities, but there is still more to do,” Mr Speakman said.

The latest survey found drink containers made up 49 per cent of total litter volume. The NSW container deposit scheme starting in July 2017 is expected to further reduce this type of litter.

Read the Environment Protection Authority’s 2015-16 National Litter Index Results for NSW (PDF, 824kb)

Published 12th October, 2016 in Environment
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