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Refund for recycling bottles gets the go-ahead

Published 9th May, 2016 in Environment, Environment

A 10-cent refund for eligible drink containers will be available next year to help reduce litter across NSW.

Gloved hand picks up bottle that's been thrown onto the ground.
A new Container Deposit Scheme will refund 10 cents for every bottle.

The refund is part of the NSW Government’s new Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), which will return10 cents to anyone who returns an empty CDS-labelled drink container to a collection depot or reverse vending machine.

The CDS will be in place by July 2017 and a network of depots and reverse vending machines will open across NSW to receive the empty containers.

This scheme will make a major contribution to achieving one of the Premier’s 12 priorities – to reduce the volume of litter by 40 per cent by 2020.

NSW Premier Mike Baird said the financial incentive will encourage people to recycle their drink containers and help significantly reduce the estimated 160 million drink containers littered every year.

The scheme includes:

  • A 10-cent refund for anybody who returns an eligible container.
  • Collection depots will range from large-scale depots through to standalone reverse vending machines and pop-up sites. 
  • Funding of the 10-cent refund as well as the associated handling and administration fees will be provided by beverage suppliers.

The scheme will also help volunteers gain extra funds through recycling bottles.

Published 9th May, 2016 in Environment, Environment
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