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Synthetic lotteries face restrictions

Published 5th October, 2017 in Business and Economy, Technology

The NSW Government is considering options to restrict synthetic lotteries such as Lottoland.

A man sits in the dark looking at a laptop illustrating internet gambling

Synthetic lottery operators may breach existing wagering legislation and the NSW Government is looking at restricting betting on these lotteries in NSW.

A domestic lottery has a guaranteed prize pool and is bound by strict terms and conditions and regulations.

Synthetic lotteries are online gambling sites, often based overseas, where customers bet on the outcome of a lottery, rather than buying tickets in a lottery draw.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business John Barilaro said consumers may not be aware that they’re betting on an outcome of a lottery.

“Synthetic lotteries do not have the same level of consumer protection as domestic lotteries,” Mr Barilaro said.

“Our concern is that many customers buy tickets in a synthetic lottery, believing they’re entering a lottery, when in fact they are instead betting on the outcome of that lottery.”

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Published 5th October, 2017 in Business and Economy, Technology
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