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$12.4 million to upgrade Burrendong dam in 2014

13 February 2014
NSW Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson and Member for Orange Andrew Gee have today announced that the Central West will see the results of more than $12.4 million of NSW Government investment into upgrading Burrendong Dam in 2014.
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Ms Hodgkinson said construction on two separate State Water Corporation projects – the $4 million world-first cold water works and the $8.4 million second phase of dam safety upgrade works – will begin early this year.

“The NSW Government is committed to improving vital water infrastructure for our regional communities,” Ms Hodgkinson said.

“We are working with the State Water Corporation to deliver dam safety upgrades and such cutting edge projects as the cold water works to ensure the dams continue to protect and serve communities.

“The projects at Burrendong are part of the NSW Government’s State-wide investment in water infrastructure.

“Across NSW the government has invested more than $300 million in dam safety upgrades with approximately $100 million retained in regional areas during the last three years.”

Mr Gee said industry estimates about 60 per cent of funding for the dam safety upgrades is injected into local economies through purchase of materials, labour and engaging local subcontractors.

“The tender for the dam safety upgrade works at Burrendong Dam was awarded to Australian company Bardavcol with construction scheduled to start in March,” Mr Gee said.

“A new auxiliary spillway will be constructed as well as some additional works to the existing spillway gates which will make the dam fully compliant with NSW Dams Safety Committee standards for extreme floods.

“The cold water pollution works involve construction of a temperature control structure around the intake tower of the dam to enable warmer water from the surface of the dam to be released downstream, reducing the impact of cold water on native fish.”

NSW government water infrastructure projects managed by State Water corporation

Dam safety upgrade works

Dam safety upgrade works, both upcoming and completed during the past two years (all on time and on budget).

Inverell region


Copeton: $60 million spillway construction completed April 2013 – 28 local suppliers, more than half of the 250 workers from the local region

Dubbo/Orange region


Burrendong: $8.4 million crest raising works completed April 2011 - 30 people working on site at any one time and 20 suppliers from the region


Burrendong: $8.4 million auxiliary spillway and existing spillway works

Tamworth region


Chaffey: $13 million auxiliary fuse-plug spillway works completed in March 2011 - 8 local subcontractors, 40 local suppliers and up to 35 people accommodated in the area at any one time
Keepit: $40 million construction of two spillways and three saddle dams completed in November 2011 - 40 local jobs and 70-80% of work subcontracted to local businesses
Split Rock: $7.6 million works to raise the dam wall crest completed in April 2012.


Chaffey: $43.33 million augmentation and stage two upgrade scheduled to commence 2014.
Keepit: $100 million dam wall post tensioning and raising scheduled to commence 2015 following preliminary works in 2014.

Cowra region


Wyangala: Commenced construction on the second phase of works $53 million Wyangala Dam safety upgrade in 2013

Albury region


Hume: Completion of the $60 million Hume Dam upgrade works funded by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority

Caption: NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson, and Member for Orange, Andrew Gee, announcing $12.4 million in upgrades to the Burrendong Dam.

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