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Animal breeding penalties to be reviewed

26 February 2016
Animal breeding penalties will be reviewed to help stamp out rogue operators in the pet breeding industry.
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Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said the mistreatment of animals in the pet industry was not acceptable.

“I want to stamp out these rogue operators – but it is important that we don’t punish the breeders who are doing the right thing, “Mr Blair said.

The review will assess how breeders are regulated and consider any legislative and regulatory amendments that can be made to improve animal breeding practices in NSW.

The NSW Government is also funding a compliance operation for animal welfare standards in the pet breeding industry and will phase in the Companion Animal Register by July this year to better identify breeders and their practices.

To support better animal breeding practices in NSW – the government will:

  • Implement a new one-step online identification and registration requirement under the Companion Animals Register, which will also identify breeders and breeding operations.
  • Provide $200,000 for a targeted compliance and education operation in relation to animal welfare standards in the pet breeding industry.
  • Enforce that breeder identification details or a microchip number be displayed when advertising dogs and cats for sale in NSW. Selling a un-microchipped dog or kitten has a maximum fine of $880.
  • Conduct a review into adequacy of the penalties and prosecutions as well as the funding for enforcement agencies – RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League.
  • Investigate legislative and regulatory amendments to implement the remaining supported recommendations of the 2011 Companion Animals Taskforce.

These changes build on the government’s strict animal welfare legislation, already in place through the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

The review follows on from recommendations made by the Companion Animals Breeding Practices Joint Select Committee’s investigation in to animal breeding practices.

Review the NSW Government’s full response to the recommendations made by the Companion Animals Breeding Practices Joint Select Committee.

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