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Archibald prize winner

23 July 2014
Fiona Lowry wins one of Australia’s most prestigious art awards, the Archibald Prize, for her portrait of architect Penelope Seidler.

When Lowry first saw Seidler about 6 years ago at a gallery opening, she was struck by her beauty and presence.

“I decided then that I would like to paint her,’ says Lowry.

‘It is important to me when I am making a work that I take the subject to a place that has memory and history attached to it because I am interested in exploring the subject’s interaction with that landscape.”

Lowry painted the portrait at Seidler’s house in Killara. Seidler designed the house in the 1960's with her late husband and well recognised architect Harry Seidler.

“It’s an incredible space architecturally but it is also loaded with history and memories of life very well lived. We spent some time in the bush at the back of the property looking at the waterfall, said Lowry.

“At one point, Penelope looked back at the house towering over us and reflected that it had been some time since she had seen it from this angle. It was that reflection that I wanted to explore with this portrait.”

Born in Sydney in 1974, Lowry makes her paintings using an airbrush and a limited palette of soft, pastel colours. She won the 2008 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. This is her third time in the Archibald exhibition. Last year she was highly commended and was a finalist in both the Wynne and Sulman prizes. This year she is also a Sulman finalist.

This year, the 93rd year of the Archibald Prize, there were 884 Archibald, 669 Wynne and 534 Sulman entries.

The Archibald and Wynne Prizes were judged by the Trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The judge for the Sulman Prize was Jenny Watson.

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