Cane toad alert in NSW

Published: 29 Jan 2021

A small number of cane toads have been detected in NSW, prompting a call for residents to keep an eye out for the unwanted pest.

Cane toad sitting


New cane toad invasions have recently been reported in the Sydney, North Coast, South Coast and North West regions.   

Cane toads pose a serious biosecurity threat in Australia and are considered a pest because they: 

  • poison pets and injure humans with their toxins 

  • poison many native animals whose diet includes frogs, tadpoles and frogs' eggs 

  • eat large numbers of honey bees, creating a management problem for bee-keepers 

  • prey on native fauna 

  • compete for food with vertebrate insectivores such as small skinks 

  • may carry diseases that are can be transmitted to native frogs and fishes. 

Sydney, North Coast, South Coast and North West communities can help keep their regions safe by reporting any sightings to NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI).   

Anyone coming from cane toad infested areas such as Queensland or the Northern Territory are being asked to check their luggage, vehicle or trailer to ensure they are not bringing a cane toad into NSW. 

A suspected cane toad should be immediately reported to NSW DPI Biosecurity through its helpline on 1800 680 244, by completing the online form, or emailing a photo of the face and details to

Find out  how to identify cane toads.

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