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Construction ramps up in Sydney’s CBD

Published: 28 January 2016
Find out how new construction zones may affect your commute into Sydney’s CBD.
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Construction is set to ramp up on Sydney’s CBD and South East Light Rail project as three new construction zones begin work across the city in the next three months.

As work continues on George Street, several construction zone timelines have been updated. This may affect access into the city for commuters and businesses.

George Street is scheduled to return to residents, workers and businesses before Christmas 2016. A pedestrian mall will open up for shoppers between King and Park streets in the lead up to Christmas.

Updated construction dates in the CBD:

  • Zone 2: George Street (between Alfred and Grosvenor Streets) – starts March 2016 and due to end December 2016
  • Zone 3: George Street (between Bridge and Margaret Streets) – starts April 2016 and due to end December 2016
  • Zone 4: George Street (between Hunter and King Streets) – starts July 2016 and due to end July 2017
  • Zone 7: George Street (between Park and Bathurst Streets) – starts April 2016 and due to end January 2017.

Major construction is due for completion by mid-2018 with the first light rail services to start early in 2019.

Details on closures, including maps, can be found on the My Sydney website. Visit Transport NSW to plan your trip on public transport.

Image credit: Transport for NSW

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