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Consumers to have more control over electricity consumption

10 March 2016
Customers will have greater control over their electricity consumption, following the introduction of legislation to enhance competition in electricity metering.
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The Electricity Supply (Advanced Meters) Bill 2016 makes NSW the first state to support a voluntary, market-led rollout of smart meters, which is expected to drive product innovation and improved services for customers.

Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy Anthony Roberts said around 40,000 smart meters had already been installed in NSW and that this would continue to grow under the NSW Government’s policy to support a voluntary, market-led rollout of smart meters.

“Smart meters allow customers to monitor exactly how much electricity they’re using and adapt their use to ensure their costs are as low as possible,” said Mr Roberts.

“This new technology removes the need to manually read a meter and the associated costs that are passed onto customers.

The Bill also allows retailers and meter providers to compete for customers, which is likely to place downward pressure on prices.

The effect of the amendments will see the pool of available meter installers increase significantly from 2,000 to potentially around 35,000 qualified electricians.

The Bill and rollout of smart meters will also help more than 130,000 Solar Bonus Scheme customers transition to a more appropriate tariff arrangement with their retailer when the scheme closes at the end of the year.

For more information contact your energy retailer.

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