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Dance students put their best foot forward for HSC exams

12 August 2019
HSC exams officially kick off today with Dance Performance students beginning their practical tests, followed by Drama from 26 August and Music from 9 September.
ballet dancer feet

Around 1000 Dance students will perform over the coming weeks, along with over 4000 Drama students and 5500 Music students. More than a third of this year's 77,000 HSC students are taking one of nine subjects with a practical or performance component.

HSC courses involving a performance or practical component allow students to develop experience and skills critical for tertiary study and future employment.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said, "Expressing creativity and demonstrating critical thinking in a variety of situations means these students will develop abilities and experience in ways that potential employers will really value.

"Today's HSC courses offer opportunities for students with diverse interests and individual strengths and ambitions to pursue their dreams and complete their schooling with a highly valued credential, recognised by employers and universities here and around the world."

The HSC written exams will kick off on Thursday 17 October, starting with English.

Find out more about HSC key dates and exam timetables.

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