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Extra parking for Blacktown Hospital

2 April 2014
Minister for Health Jillian Skinner has marked the completion of the new multi-storey car park at the Blacktown campus of Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital.
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Mrs Skinner said the $24.2 million car park is a key component of the $324 million expansion of Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital, which is the state’s largest hospital construction project. The 622-space car park will open to the public from Monday.

“The scarcity of modern, accessible car parking is one of the issues most commonly raised as I visit hospitals and speak with staff and patients,” Mrs Skinner said.

“We will spend over $115 million in our first four-year term on major car park projects across NSW – adding well over 3,000 car spaces for staff, patients and their families,” Mrs Skinner said.

The new car park will apply rates set under a state-wide NSW Health policy:

  • Maximum daily rate for the public - $18.
  • Concession rates for eligible members of the public – first three hours free / one exit $5 / three-day pass $10 / seven-day pass $20.
  • Weekly rate for staff - $10 (rising to $21 by January 2015)

“This new, multi-storey car park is a very important component of the Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital expansion project and I am delighted to see it come to fruition,” Mr Rohan said.

Mr Bassett said: “Hospital visits can be stressful occasions for families and friends. Easy access to car parking can be a great support at a difficult time and I am very pleased to be part of a Government which understands this - and is delivering.”

Mr Conolly said the hard-working staff, as well as the community, will benefit from the new car park.

“This car park has been one of the most anticipated parts of this exciting hospital expansion project. We have watched it rise from the ground and, with its completion, we will watch as the new clinical services building takes shape,” Mr Conolly said.

Mrs Skinner said she is proud that the NSW Government has delivered or is delivering a raft of car parks across the state.

Mrs Skinner thanked staff and visitors for their patience during construction of the car park. She was then joined by local MPs Andrew Rohan (Smithfield), Kevin Conolly (Riverstone) and Bart Bassett (Londonderry) as she cut a ribbon to mark completion of the project.

Read more information on the Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital expansion.

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