Fire safety program for NSW schools

Published: 25 May 2021

Children in primary schools will learn more about the dangers of starting fires and the best ways to spot fire hazards in a home.

A Fire and Rescue NSW firefighting truck

The updated Fire and Rescue NSW safety program will be available to kindergartens and primary schools across the state. 

The program will focus on four sessions:

  1. a session with a firefighter to teach important skills in burns first aid
  2. school fire evacuation drill 
  3. home fire escape planning
  4. how to identify fire hazards in a home.

Aimed at children aged between three and 10, the lessons will look at fire risks, how to avoid starting a fire and the best way to stay safe if one happens.

In the last five years, Fire and Rescue NSW responded to more than 8000 fires caused by children, resulting in 12 child deaths.

Fire and Rescue NSW Assistant Commissioner Trent Curtin said fire safety education not only prevents fire but empowers children to know about the dangers.

“These sessions have been designed on the back of extensive evidence-based research by professionals. It will go a long way in reducing misuse of fire, fire-related injuries and fatalities in children," Assistant Commissioner Curtin said. 

To book a school program or to learn more, visit Fire and Rescue NSW.

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