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Fish habitat boosted with new partnership

12 March 2014
A new independent initiative to improve fish habitat and increase productivity of important species, called the NSW Fish Habitat Partnership, has been launched, Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson, said.
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Ms Hodgkinson said the NSW Fish Habitat Partnership will be led by inaugural Chair, oyster grower Mark Bulley, and includes 11 peak representative organisations from key commercial and recreational fisheries, conservation and industry bodies.

“The partnership will focus on improving fish habitat to ultimately increase the productivity of commercially and recreationally important fish species across NSW and improve the health of aquatic ecosystems,” Ms Hodgkinson said.

“Fish habitat is essential for the survival of fish – it underpins the productivity of our State’s fisheries resources.

“It gives me great pleasure to witness and support the formation of this partnership today as a constructive way for our State’s key fisheries stakeholders to work together on such an important issue.”

The partnership includes:

  • NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers;
  • Professional Fisherman’s Association;
  • Australian National Sportfishing Association;
  • NSW Farmers;
  • Nature Conservation Council;
  • NSW Aboriginal Land Council;
  • Australian Fishing Trade Association;
  • Recreational Fishermans Alliance;
  • Sydney Aquarium and Sea Life Conservation Fund;
  • Sydney Fish Markets; and
  • OceanWatch.

Ms Hodgkinson said the NSW Government is assisting the partnership by providing administrative support funding in the first year.

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