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Flowers to feature in Martin Place siege memorial

14 December 2015
The many floral tributes left by mourners following the Martin Place siege is at the heart of a permanent memorial to honour those who lost their lives during the tragic event.
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While announcing the memorial’s design, NSW Premier Mike Baird said the memorial would pay tribute to the victims and survivors who, by sheer chance, were caught up in that dreadful day.

“This tragic event changed our city and we will forever feel the loss of Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson as we go about our daily lives,” Mr Baird said.

“We have worked closely with the Dawson and Johnson families to choose a design that we believe captures the spirit of the outpouring of support we witnessed from people all over NSW.”

Inspired by the sea of flowers that were left in Martin Place in the days following the siege, the memorial will feature hundreds of stylistic symbols of flowers to be inlaid into the pavement in Martin Place.

Ann Macgregor, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Bridget Smyth, Design Director of the City of Sydney, unanimously selected a design concept by Professor Richard Johnson AO MBE, of Johnson Pilton Walker, out of a shortlist of four.

Professor Johnson said the design concept created a quiet, reflective and symbolic memory of the floral tributes left in the days following the siege, while working with the functional surroundings of Martin Place’s very busy pedestrian area.

“Hundreds of floral cubes will be inlaid into the granite pavings of Martin Place in a scattered starburst pattern. At night they will shine with specialised lighting.”

Mr Baird said the memorial would be a visual reminder of the kindness of the people of Sydney, who came in their thousands to leave flowers and cards in the days after the siege.

“It is appropriate that the memory of this community spirit live on here in Martin Place. Professor Johnson has created a symbolic commemoration of our shared grief which recalls the courage of those involved in the siege.”

The one-year anniversary of the Martin Place Siege was commemorated on Tuesday 15 December with a public ceremony at twilight.

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