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Free cuppa on your Easter road trip

13 April 2017
This long weekend, look out for community programs offering free tea, coffee and snacks to enjoy a break from the road and get to your destination safely.
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A number of community initiatives are operating this Easter break to help drivers stay alert as they hit the road.

Toll Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver rest stops are an opportunity for drivers to take a break from their long journey and stretch their legs. Volunteers from a range of regional community groups will provide drivers with a free cup of tea, coffee, or a biscuit.

Find a Toll Driver Reviver site on your route

Free McCafe coffee

In a new community initiative, 45 McDonald’s restaurants across NSW will be offering a free McCafe coffee to drivers on Easter Monday.

Find participating McDonald’s locations

Free Cuppa

If you’re from out of town and travelling in western and south western NSW, drop into a local participating business for a free cup of tea or coffee.

Search for a free cuppa

Minister for Roads Melinda Pavey thanked the organisations and volunteers for helping to drive the road toll Towards Zero.

“Tiredness can affect your driving no matter how long or short your trip is and the outcome could potentially be catastrophic - not just for you, but for your friends and family too,” Mrs Pavey said.

“These community based initiatives reflect a road safety culture we’d like to see more of.”

Drivers are encouraged to stay informed by visiting the Live Traffic website for up-to-the-minute traffic conditions on NSW roads.

Avoid driving tired these holidays

Minister Pavey offers these tips:

  • Get a good nights’ sleep
  • Avoid driving after midnight
  • Plan to take regular rest breaks
  • Pull over for a break in a safe place
  • Arrange to share the driving
  • Take a nap, 20 minutes works best

Double demerits

Double demerits will be in force from midnight Wednesday, 12 April, to midnight Monday 17 April.

They will be in force again for the Anzac Day holiday period from midnight Thursday, 20 April to midnight Tuesday, 25 April.

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