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Funds for medical cannabis research

15 June 2015
A new centre for researching the use of medicinal cannabis treatment in adults has received extra funding and positions NSW as a world leader in the field.
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The NSW Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Innovation has received $12 million over four years and brings together experts from around the world to share their knowledge and research on medicinal cannabis.

NSW Premier Mike Baird said the centre would further develop understanding of the benefits and treatment options medicinal cannabis could provide.

“Whilst the potential therapeutic qualities of products derived from cannabis have been known for centuries, the centre will advance our understanding in this field and support the production of safe, reliable and affordable cannabis based medicines,” he said.

The centre will:

• establish a research network with local, interstate and international ties for experts to share their knowledge and research
• provide grants to advance research and product development
• support stakeholders navigating regulatory processes
• educate the public, consumer groups and health professionals about the therapeutic potential of medicinal cannabis
• monitor and report on the progress and findings of the NSW Government funded clinical trials.

The centre will partner with organisations including the Lambert Institute, which recently donated $33.7 million to Sydney University for research into medicinal cannabis.

The $12 million funding is in addition to the $9 million committed for three clinical trials. The successful applicants to run the adult trials will be announced later this month.

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