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Getting on with the Infrastructure Job

18 February 2014
NSW Treasurer Mike Baird and NSW Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay reject media claims of inefficiency in Government infrastructure spending.
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Mr Baird reiterated NSW Government plans to roll out more than $60 billion dollars in four years, in a record infrastructure program across the state.

“The Federal Government and NSW have a common goal to deliver the infrastructure projects of the future in our great state,” Mr Baird said.

“We are working with the Federal Government on delivering WestConnex, the Northern Sydney Freight line, and, subject to final approval, the M1-M2 link.

In reference to regional infrastructure spending, Mr Baird also said: “ NSW Government is getting on with the job of delivering the South West and North West Rail Links, upgrades to the Pacific and Princes Highway, as well upgrading a raft of hospitals across the state like Blacktown, Campbelltown, Dubbo and Tamworth”.

NSW Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay attributed a significant part of the Government’s infrastructure agenda to, “tackling the $30 billion dollar infrastructure backlog left to gather dust in NSW”. Mr Gay also declared that “the momentum is back in NSW”, as a result of the government’s current reformist agenda.

Image courtesy Transport NSW

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