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Government announces new directions for TAFE NSW

29 August 2013
The Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has announced new directions for TAFE NSW with the release of the TAFE NSW Statement of Owner Expectations.
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Mr Piccoli said the new directions set out in the statement clarify the role of TAFE and its future directions during a period of reform.

"TAFE NSW is a key component of the Government's strategy to strengthen the skills base of the NSW economy and support economic growth for NSW communities," Mr Piccoli said.

"As the state’s public provider of vocational education and training, TAFE NSW must be free to evolve and change so it can operate efficiently and remain relevant to the communities it serves. The statement clarifies the Government’s expectations for TAFE in an increasingly competitive environment," Mr Piccoli said.

The new directions outlined in the Minister’s statement were informed by the Let’s talk about TAFE report, an extensive stakeholder and community consultation conducted by the NSW TAFE Commission Board and Newspoll.

"The research shows us that the people of NSW clearly value the contribution TAFE NSW makes in providing skills crucial to the economy. Of the respondents who were aware of TAFE, 96 per cent said TAFE services are valuable to NSW,” Mr Piccoli said.

"Newspoll also found that of those aware of TAFE, 94 per cent say it provides a valuable contribution to training people for business and industry, while 97 per cent feel TAFE is extremely or very important in providing apprentice training.

"There can be no doubt from these results that TAFE is seen as providing quality training and is central to communities across the state particularly in regional and rural areas. But there is also wide recognition that TAFE must adapt to remain relevant and competitive in a changing environment," Mr Piccoli said.

Ms Margy Osmond, Chair of the NSW TAFE Commission Board, said she was heartened by the positive responses received through the consultation process.

"It is clear that TAFE is universally valued but people also contributed many positive suggestions for improvement and recognised the need for TAFE to adapt and change," Ms Osmond said.

Click to view the full Statement of Owner Expectations.

The Let’s talk about TAFE Report is available for viewing.

Image courtesy TAFE NSW

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