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Greyhound Reform Panel report released

16 February 2017
An independent Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission is among 122 recommendations made by the NSW Greyhound Industry Reform Panel that will ensure the future of the sport.

The reform panel, headed by former Premier Morris Iemma, has made 122 recommendations including:

  • restrictions on keeping small animals on properties with greyhounds
  • an independent regulator with broad investigative powers
  • an enforceable code of practice for greyhound welfare
  • whole-of-life registration and tracking of greyhounds
  • an accreditation scheme for industry participants
  • increased penalties for animal welfare offences
  • strict controls on euthanasia
  • improved safety at tracks
  • a statutory review of the new legislation take place after three years.

Minister for Racing Paul Toole said the panel’s report provided a solid basis to ensure animal welfare standards for greyhound racing meet community expectations.

“I thank Mr Iemma and the panel for their work. It’s particularly pleasing that the Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance and the RSPCA have been able to work together to find a way forward,” Mr Toole said.

“As Minister for Racing, I am absolutely committed to the future of the greyhound industry and this report will inform the Government on how that will happen."

Mr Toole confirmed that the Greyhound Racing Prohibition Act would be repealed well before its scheduled start date.

Following extensive consultation that has occurred, the NSW Government wants to proceed with forming its official response to the panel’s report without delay.

Read the NSW Greyhound Industry Reform Panel's report

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