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Landholders join wild dog control program

15 September 2016
Local Land Services is partnering with landholders in baiting program.
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The primary goal of wild dog control is to reduce expensive livestock deaths caused by feral dogs.

This spring, the number of landholders participating in the wild dog control program will increase by 50 per cent, compared to 2015.

NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair announced the collaboration between nearly 2000 landholders across NSW, 123 wild dog control groups and Local Land Services.

“Ground baits will be laid across more than 10 million hectares of land, while 2500 km of aerial bait lines will be distributed in the Western, Hunter and South-East regions,” Mr Blair said.

“Canid pest ejectors are continuing to prove effective and will be used by 34 landholders in the Western region, covering a total of 465,000 hectares."

The wild dog radio collaring and tracking research project introduced in March 2016 will continue in the Murray and Riverina regions, to provide valuable information for future control programs.

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