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Minister hails outstanding NSW school performance

6 March 2014
Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has praised NSW schools and students for their strong performance in the latest 'My School' results.
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Mr Piccoli described the results as a strong indication that NSW schools are on the right track and that many of them are performing at very high levels

“All NSW school sectors – Government, Catholic and independent − are significantly over-represented among the highest-achieving schools across Australia. As Minister for Education for all schools that is very pleasing news”, Mr Piccoli said.

“The fact that 63 per cent of the highest-performing schools in Australia are in NSW is news that will please schools and should be welcomed across the community,” Mr Piccoli said.

Mr Piccoli spoke with enthusiasm about the outstanding performance of NSW schools; however, he also admitted that the results didn’t tell the whole story, suggesting that the results were merely a step in the right direction for NSW schools.

“Of course, there is always more to do and we are learning from high-performing school systems in other countries,” Mr Piccoli said.

“We will continue to focus on lifting the quality of teaching in schools – which is consistently shown to be the in-school factor that makes the greatest impact on academic performance.”

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