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More integrated health care for patients

19 June 2014
Patients can look forward to more integrated health care from their GPs and specialists, whether they are in hospital or at home.
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This integrated approach features in the NSW Government’s new health plan, which guides future reforms in patient-centred care.

While launching the plan at the annual NSW Health Symposium, Health Minister Jillian Skinner said the plan focused on keeping everyone - no matter who they were or where they lived - healthy and out of hospital.

“The plan offers a realistic framework for change, shaping what we need to achieve for our patients, whether they are treated in our hospitals or in the community,” Skinner said.

“It underlines the importance of research and innovation and the changing requirements for our health workforce.”

The approach allows patients and carers to easily navigate the health system while avoiding duplication and unplanned hospitalisations.

The plan comes at a time when the NSW Government committed record amounts of funding (almost $20 billion) to health in the NSW 2014-15 Budget. Recurrent spending in 2014-15 will total almost $18.7 billion, with a further $1.3 billion for capital works.

The government plans to launch a rural health plan later this year.

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