New conditions for paroled sex offenders

Published: 30 Nov 2018

Sex offenders released on parole will be forced to wear ankle bracelets so that they can be electronically monitored around the clock.

To keep communities safe, the NSW Government will implement the following changes:

  • Sex or violent offender parole breaches will be reported to the State Parole Authority (SPA). SPA has the power to send offenders back to prison.
  • All sex offender parole reports submitted to the SPA will be examined for consistency, improved risk-management controls and to ensure community and victims’ expectations are considered.
  • Sex offenders on parole who meet criteria under the Crimes (High Risk Offenders) Act 2006 No 7 will be subject to electronic monitoring.
  • Corrective Services and the NSW Police Force will work together to improve intelligence and information sharing.

The tough new approach to parole breaches will apply to all sex and violent offenders. This is in addition to the strict conditions that are already imposed to the offender’s behaviour, housing, movements, communications and employment.

Minister for Corrections David Elliott said the reforms reflect the NSW Government’s priority of keeping the community safe.

“That is why we will be rolling out a series of changes to the way sex offenders are managed on parole,” said Mr Elliott.

“All sex offenders will have their movements very closely monitored by NSW Corrective Services’ security and intelligence branches. This is what the community expects and deserves.”

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