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New Priorities announced for NSW

Published: 14 September 2015

The NSW Premier today unveiled 30 priorities for the state to grow the economy, deliver infrastructure, protect the vulnerable, and improve health, education and public services across NSW.


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NSW Premier Mike Baird said outlining the 30 “State Priorities” including 12 “Premier Priorities” allows the government to measure and deliver projects that create a stronger, healthier and safer NSW.

“Over the coming weeks, I will work with my ministers to put in place rigorous plans to achieve these aims and I will be personally monitoring the government’s performance,” Mr Baird said.

Each of the 30 ‘State Priorities’ will be measured against the best available indicators of economic growth, infrastructure delivery, service provision and other measures of community wellbeing and safety across NSW.

The Premier will be able to track government performance via an evolving ‘dashboard’ of the latest data.

  • Creating jobs
  • Building infrastructure
  • Reducing domestic violence
  • Improving service levels in hospital
  • Tackling childhood obesity
  • Improving education results
  • Protecting our kids
  • Reducing youth homelessness
  • Driving public sector diversity
  • Keeping our environment clean
  • Faster housing approvals
  • Improving government services

Find out more about the Premier’s Priorities and State Priorities at

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