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Next phase of ‘One Punch’ campaign begins

10 April 2014
To further communicate that drug and alcohol-fuelled violence can ruin lives, the NSW government is rolling out the next phase of its Danny Green ‘One Punch’ campaign.
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This phase includes:

  • 50 Citylight billboard panels courtesy of JC Decaux.
  • 100 panels in 7/11 stores courtesy of ADSHEL.
  • A Pump TV advertsement for 300 screens at petrol stations courtesy of Val Morgan.
  • Pub/clubs TV screens across 70 venues courtesy of Ooh Media.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell said the latest phase, combined with television and radio advertisements and billboards on the back of taxis, would help make an impact on the violent culture that is sadly common in today’s society.

“The Danny Green ad sends a powerful message that drug and alcohol-fuelled violence can ruin lives and it’s great to see even more companies come on board to start the change,” he said.

“If we are to deliver cultural change, we need people to take responsibility for their actions.”

To address drug and alcohol-fuelled violence, the government is introducing a range of measures such as: mandatory sentencing for violent assaults causing death; CBD lockouts; and increasing police numbers and powers.

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