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North Coast shark net trial continues

Published: 1 September 2017

A second shark net trial will be rolled out on the North Coast to assess the effectiveness of the nets.


The second trial will start in early November 2017 on the same five beaches from the first trial.

  • Lighthouse Beach, Ballina
  • Sharpes Beach, Ballina
  • Shelly Beach, Ballina
  • Seven Mile Beach, Lennox Head
  • Evans Head Beach, Evans Head.

The nets will be fitted with the same dolphin pingers and whale alarms as the first trial, which ended earlier this year, however there will be changes to the nets design and operation to minimise by-catch.

Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said the second trial will provide more evidence of the nets’ effectiveness and allow the government to address some of the issues raised.

“The results from the first trial showed that the community felt safer, however they remain concerned by the amount of by-catch,” Mr Blair said.

“We are using the best technology in the world to address shark attacks here in NSW - from the north to south we are making sure we have the best possible measures in place and beachgoers are as informed as they can be.”

Twenty-five drumlines will continue to be deployed daily on the North Coast (weather permitting), as well as drone and helicopter surveillance.


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