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NSW artists awarded funding

4 August 2015
Sixteen NSW-based artists have been awarded almost $80,000 in funding to develop and showcase their skills to an international audience.
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The funding is part of the Artists Support Program which supports the professional development of artists across NSW to further develop their careers and help them to reach new audiences.

Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts Troy Grant said the funding is pivotal to developing and promoting NSW arts to a global audience.

“The Artist Support Program will boost the profile of NSW as a global leader in the arts and the recipients announced today will be cultural ambassadors on the world stage,” Mr Grant said.

Artists who have secured funding may undertake activities such as international art exhibitions, residencies, music festivals and theatre projects, secondment and mentoring programs.

The list of NSW artists who have won artist support program funding includes:

  • Philip Channells of Federal: $5,000 to present a paper and master class on disability inclusive dance at a major conference in Singapore.

  • Ms Carol de Souza of Waterloo: $5,000 to develop work that explores the history of Aboriginal activism in Sydney to be showcased at an international festival.

  • Mr Michael Hili of Randwick: $5,000 to travel to the US for a writing and storytelling mentorship with Pulitzer Prize finalist Adam Rapp and a design and illustration mentorship. Created works will feature in an animation and live performance to tour NSW schools and community groups.

  • Ms Victoria Hunt of Newtown: $5,000 for a dance solo to be presented at the IMPACT 15 festival in Canada. Ms Hunt has been conducting research into Hinemihi, a female ancestor and ceremonial space connected to her Maori heritage.

  • Ms Anneke Jaspers of Elizabeth Bay: $5,000 to present two video installations and a live performance by Brown Council in Christchurch.

  • Dr Clare Milledge of Alexandria: $5,000 to take part in the exhibition Neverwhere, at Gaia Gallery in Istanbul to coincides with the 14th Istanbul Biennale.

  • Mr William Yang of Wolli Creek: $5,000 to tour the Blood Links project, in Netherlands as part of the Get Lost Festival. The project includes photography and storytelling workshops.

  • Mr Jamie North of Waterloo: $5,000 to premiere a new sculptural work at an international arts festival.

  • Dr David Williams of Marrickville: $5,000 to take part in a three-week residency with experimental theatre PanoDrama in Budapest.

  • Mr Lachlan Philpott of Stanmore: $5,000 to attend the US to collaborate with Crowded Fire Theatre to present his play Truck Stop, and develop a new play with students at the American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco.

  • Ms Annalouise Paul of Potts Point: $4,530 to present a paper at a major conference in Singapore and lead a two-week artistic exchange hosted by local company, Maya Dance Theatre.

  • Ms Justene Williams of East Hills : $5,000 for a performance piece and video installation for the ‘Australian Pavilion Without Walls’ section of the Performa Biennial 2015 in New York.

  • Dr Josh Harle of St Peters: $4,810 for a residency and research trip to China to be hosted at Organhaus, a non-profit art institute, and develop an exhibition

  • Ms Gail Priest of Rozelle: $2,900 to present the interactive installation Sounding the Future at the MoveOn exhibition in Germany, and to undertake a residency in Norway and perform in Oslo and Berlin.

  • Mr Timothy Rogers of Leura: $5,000 to play with his band Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders at a music conference in Colorado, U.S.

  • Ms Michelle Newton of Ruchcutters Bay: $5,000 to travel to New York for the Performa 15 Biennial. This project will enable Ms Newton to extend her skills through the development of audiences for Western Sydney-based artist Justene Williams’s performance work and exhibition.

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