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NSW Carer of the year unveiled

13 October 2014
Minister for Ageing and Disability Services John Ajaka has proudly announced Anne Funke as the 2014 NSW Carer of the Year.
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Anne Funke of Picnic Point has 2 children and cares for her 18-year-old son who has Angelman Syndrome. She is also a qualified social worker and a disability carer advocate, campaigning to improve the experiences of other carers.

Mrs Funke is the national president and NSW vice-president at the Angelman Syndrome Association. She has also held the role of P&C president at Caroline Chisholm Special School at Padstow for the past 10 years.

Minister Ajaka congratulated Mrs Funke and the carers that were nominated for the prestigious award. The Minister said the awards are an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the NSW Carers Strategy, a 5-year plan to improve the position of carers across NSW.

“I would like to congratulate all the carers who were nominated for the 2014 NSW Carers Awards, and acknowledge the many thousands of other carers who are committed to improving the lives of the people they care for,” Mr Ajaka said.

He added, “Without carers, many people would not be able to remain living in their own home and participate in their community.

“The (NSW Carers) Strategy contains five key focus areas with 16 projects that will make a real difference in the lives of carers. One of these priorities is to raise the profile of carers in our community,” Mr Ajaka said.

“The Carers Awards help to achieve this”.

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