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23rd March 2016

Households in Sydney, the Illawarra and Blue Mountains will save around $100 a year on their water bills from July this year.

Latest News

Stronger laws keep high risk offenders jailed

4th May 2016

Laws to keep high risk offenders in jail will be strengthened to ensure they can apply to more of NSW’s most dangerous and violent offenders.

Kempsey Hospital opens clinical services building

28th April 2016

Kempsey Hospital has officially opened its new clinical services building - the centrepiece of the $81.9 million major redevelopment.

Making backyard pools safer

27th April 2016

Homebuyers of properties with swimming pools will have 90 days from settlement to rectify non-compliant pool barriers.

Funding to unlock disease treatments

27th April 2016

Six NSW genomics research teams will share in $1.54 million in funding to work on unlocking the causes of some of the most debilitating genetic conditions.

Year-round shark surveillance

20th April 2016

To keep beachgoers safe, aerial shark surveillance on the NSW coast will be conducted year-round for the next 12 months.