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NSW Health launch $120 million Integrated Care initiative

20 March 2014
NSW Government will spend $120 million over four years to provide integrated health care to people across the State, as part of Integrated Care in NSW strategy.
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The strategy will integrate hospitals, general practice, community care and allied health services to meet the needs of the community. It represents a major shift in focus from the hospital as the centre of health care to a broader outlook that encompasses the whole of the health care system.

Health Minister Jillian Skinner said that the government’s new focus on integrated care was an important step for health care in NSW.

The four-year $120 million Integrated Care funding commitment will support:

  • Three Local Health Districts (Western NSW, Central Coast and Western Sydney) to become Demonstrator Sites.
  • Setting up a Planning and Innovation Fund to provide seed funding for innovative integrated care initiatives at the local level.
  • Support roll out of successful Demonstrator initiatives to other parts of NSW.
  • Support for state-wide enablers, including the state’s electronic health record system HealtheNet, patient-reported outcome measures, Real Time Patient Feedback and Risk Stratification tools.

“While acute hospital care is the only suitable option for some, it is not necessary for many others,” Mrs Skinner said.

“Supporting individuals to get the care they need in the right place at the right time is essential. Not only does it ensure optimal care, it ensures we make the most of every cent spent on the healthcare of the people of NSW”.

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