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NSW leads the way on medical cannabis

16 September 2014
A clinical trial for medical cannabis is set to explore how cannabis can provide relief for patients suffering from debilitating or terminal illnesses.
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Premier Mike Baird formed a Working Group to initiate the clinical trial, due to report back by the end of 2014. Mr Baird said the group will consider the results of the trial, as well as expert advice in finding the safest ways of making medical cannabis available to patients in need.

“There are concerns around the issues of supply and distribution and these will be covered in the trial,” Mr Baird said.

“I hope the trial will bring some clarity to this area and enhance our understanding of the medical use of cannabis.”

The Premier also confirmed new Police guidelines that will enable Police officers to exercise their discretion not to charge terminally ill adults who use cannabis to alleviate their symptoms, or their carers.

“We want the terminally ill to have greater peace of mind. We do not want carers having to watch their loved ones suffer when their distress could be alleviated”, Mr Baird said.

The NSW Government is set to commence discussions with other State governments to place the use of medical cannabis on the national research agenda and encourage nationwide legislative reforms.

“These reforms are about compassionate care. Recreational use of drugs is illegal and will not be tolerated.”

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