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NSW Public Works reforms

9 June 2015
NSW Public Works will move to a new business model that provides expert industry advice and works with the private sector to deliver infrastructure services across NSW.
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Minister for Finance, Services & Property Dominic Perrottet said the decline of NSW Public Works revenue and rise in the growth of competitive private services had significant implications for the sustainability of the NSW Public Works operating model.

“While NSW Public Works has and will continue to provide invaluable expert strategic advice on this program of work, primary responsibility for project delivery lies with the business community”, he said.

Over the next two years Public Works will advise and oversee the State’s infrastructure solutions to re-position itself as a ‘smart buyer’ of infrastructure services from private businesses, particularly for agencies and councils. The reforms aim to secure the future of the organisation.

The NSW Government will continue to provide support in emergency engineering response across NSW, and support the natural disaster grants program. Services in regional, rural and remote NSW will continue as usual.

Some services currently provided by NSW Public Works that can be supplied by the private sector will be transferred, sold or discontinued. Affected employees, clients and other stakeholders will be consulted before plans are finalised. Client contracts will not be impacted by these changes.

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