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NSW To Celebrate Multicultural March

5 February 2014
The NSW Government is inviting everyone to take part in Multicultural March, a month-long celebration of one of the State’s greatest assets – its cultural diversity.
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Minister for Citizenship and Communities Victor Dominello has launched Multicultural March, a state-wide calendar of diversity themed events, including concerts, street markets, sports competitions and film screenings.

The events scheduled to take place during the month-long festival, which will complement national Harmony Day on March 21, aim to foster a spirit of inclusiveness and celebrate the unrivalled cultural diversity of New South Wales.

“With over a quarter of our citizens born overseas and 200 languages spoken here, we live in one of the most multicultural societies in the world.

“Multicultural March is a time for everyone in NSW to experience new cultures and celebrate our unique diversity. By celebrating our differences, we grow our understanding of each other and strengthen our Australian identity,” Mr Dominello said.

The festival will also be highlighted by the following major headline events:

  • Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards on 13 February – recognises the important role ethnic media plays in our community; and
  • Premier’s Harmony Dinner on 10 April – a significant event in the multicultural community with the winners of the Premier’s Multicultural Community Medals and inductees to the Honour Roll announced.

Local councils will be hosting a series of exciting events, including: a Bollywood Movie Night in Camden, A Carnivale Festival in Queanbeyan, The Colourfest Multicultural Film Festival in Warringah and Brazilian drumming and Latin American dance lessons in the Hawkesbury.

Mr Dominello spoke of his excitement about the upcoming festival, saying: “We want everyone to be a part of Multicultural March, so we especially encourage the public to come along to the Premier’s Harmony Dinner, the grand finale of our month-long celebration".

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